Thursday, February 21, 2008


I watched the Prison Break season 3 finale this morning. It's a shame we're not gonna be seeing anymore episodes this season despite the strike being over. The last few episodes of season 3 gave us a taste of what Prison Break was all about in the first season and just when it started to pick up, they're cutting us off!!!

I must say the song they played at the end of the season finale (episode name: The Art of the Deal) really moved me. Although I didn't understand it when I heard it (since I don't speak Spanish), it made me feel very sad and I knew the song was there to reflect Michael Scoffield's feelings over Sarah's loss.

The second I finished the episode I was online looking for information about the song. It's called Llorando (Crying) and it's performed by the artist Rebekah Del Rio. The song was previously featured in the David Lynch movie "Mulholland Drive". Check it out:

Here are the lyrics for the song:

Yo estaba bien por un tiempo,
volviendo a sonreír.
Luego anoche te vi
tu mano me tocó
y el saludo de tu voz.
Y hablé muy bien de tu
sin saber que he estado
llorando por tu amor (x3).
Luego de tu adiós sentí todo mi dolor.
Sola y llorando,
llorando (x3).
No es fácil de entender
que al verte otra vez
Yo seguiré llorando

Yo que pensé que te olvidé
pero es verdad es la verdad
que te quiero aún más,
mucho más que ayer.
Dime tú qué puedo hacer
no me quieres ya
y siempre estaré
llorando por tu amor (x2).
Tu amor se llevó
todo mi corazon
y quedo llorando
llorando (x5)
por tu amor.

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