Monday, February 4, 2008

My First Post

It's funny how I resisted doing this so many times before. Although I believe blogging totally suits me. I recently realized that my ability to transform my thoughts into words has somehow been compromised. I don't know whether that is because my thoughts are becoming more complicated or whether my verbal skills are diminishing, however I decided that blogging would be a step towards recovering my ability to express my thoughts.

The Cairo-Angola semifinal in the African Cup of Nations starts in 10 minutes. It's amazing how an entire country of 80+ million souls has that one common passion... Football! It's amazing how the result of today's match can affect the mood of so many individuals regardless how crappy their lives can be. A victory today can make their day a little bit better. So let's hope for a win :)

If you guys don't like sports, you'll probably find most of my posts absolutely insignificant.

Okay, I have 4 minutes till the match starts. I'll wrap this up.


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