Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You Can't Run and You Can't Hide !

Okay this is basically a "venting" post. I will state the obvious and will discuss the main topic everyone around me is talking, sorry, complaining about these days in Cairo... TRAFFIC. And no, I am not talking about the 2000 Oscar-winning movie. I WISH!

Traffic in Cairo has become absolutely ridiculous over the past few months. No amount of jokes, complaints, swear words, sarcastic YouTube videos and possibly suicides, are sufficient enough to describe the horrifying state of traffic in this ancient city.

People are losing their minds, wasting hours of their waking lives, going crazy on other people around them, returning to their homes in a miserable state, hating their jobs because of the time it takes them to go and leave from there... and that's just naming a fraction of the damage done.

This is coming from someone who luckily lives only a 15-minute drive away from her job, however; my social life has been reduced to almost non-existent because of the so-called monster: the ME7WAR!

I have tried to outsmart it so many times, and almost 98% of my attempts have failed. No matter when I leave my house, weekdays or weekends, early mornings, really early mornings, middays, afternoons, nights... there is no hope. And the thing is, once you're on it, you're trapped. There's no way out. I had no idea one could get claustrophobic on a freakin' bridge, let alone the constant traumas from daily near-death experiences and helping people get out of their crushed cars in the dozen accidents you see on it everyday.

And whatever the hell happened to normal cities that have normal rush hours? Here we have rush days, rush afternoons and rush nights. Let's just call it a "rush week"!

I just wanna second the statement made by that funny guy on YouTube who talks about the traffic and how there's no way to avoid it, regardless your point of origin or destination. I must disagree with the infamous phrase "you can run, but you can't hide" to simply state that when it comes to traffic in C-Town, "YOU CANNOT RUN NOR CAN YOU HIDE"!
Here are the videos to make up for me depressing the hell out of everyone :)

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