Saturday, March 29, 2008

Flavor of the Week - March 29th

Since I spend most of my time watching movies and tv shows, and listening to music (when am not watching tennis of course), I decided to let you know my favorite movie/song/tv episode every now and then. Cuz you know how sometimes you really want a nice suggestion for a song or a movie and you can't think of anything?! Well, am just tryin to help :)

So my picks for this week are:

Movie: August Rush

I first heard about this movie when I was watching the Oscars and Keri Russell was presenting one of the songs nominated for best song and it was from a movie she was in called August Rush. I finally got to see it today and I loved it. Am not gonna give you a review or anything but in short, it's about an 11-year old music prodigy who believes he could find his parents through the music he hears in the world around him.

Song: Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro

From the Constant Gardener Soundtrack. My friend actually had a dance performance on this song a few weeks back and I've been dying for the song ever since. Somehow today I was flipping through channels on TV and stumbled upon the movie "The Constant Gardener" and amazingly enough, it was at the exact moment that this song was playing in the movie. It was easy to figure out the name of the song after that since I just searched for The Constant Gardener Soundtrack on Amazon and listen to 12 music samples till I reached number 13 - Kothbiro :) Don't you just love it when these random coincidences happen???

Song: Yael Naim - New Soul

I heard this song on the MacBook Air ad I was watching on YouTube, and immediately got my hands on it. A few days later, I heard it playing during one of the 30-second breaks between games in a tennis match at the Indian Wells Masters Series. Apparently the ad made the song an instant hit. Enjoy it :)

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