Thursday, April 24, 2008

FOOTBALL: Early Doors on Liverpool-Chelsea Snoozefest

This is from the Early Doors blog on the morning of the Liverpool-Chelsea first leg Champions League semifinal:

"Good news for binary fans. The rivalry that deals only in zeroes and ones is back to bore the pants off us for the fourth time in as many seasons.

The results of Liverpool and Chelsea's six Champions League encounters since 2005 read thus: 0-0, 1-0, 0-0, 0-0, 1-0, 0-1. Which is fine if you are an Intel central processing unit; less so if you enjoy the odd goal."

It was just toooo funny not to post!

Even Fernando Torres second that himself saying:

"It is a very open semi-final (he means the Barca-Man U one), in which there will be a lot of goals. It's totally the opposite of ours." Hence the EuroSport headline Tuesday morning: "Champions League - Torres: Prepare to Snooze" !!!

It was not only a snoozefest, but a heart-breaking one for that matter, due to the finishing touches of John Arne Riise. Early Doors said it all in one sentence and I honestly couldn't imagine it being worded any better:

"A comedic own-goal preceded by a horribly scrappy one, too many long balls and misplaced passes, and a defender as man-of-the-match - it rather tells its own story."

I still believe Liverpool can turn this around at Stamford Bridge as I share Steven Gerrard's faith in Torres. The Liverpool skipper was quoted on EuroSport saying:

"We haven't gone there (Stamford Bridge) with Torres in our side before."

"We may not have scored or won at Chelsea in four years, but we haven't been there with Fernando in the team before... Even the two games there this season, the league draw and the Carling Cup defeat, Fernando wasn't playing."

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