Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweet Baby!

I had to put this in a separate post cuz the kids at the beginning of the video are so cute and the song is really good. It's a Macy Gray song called Sweet Baby. Check out the video:

Oh and I just found out am currently number 29 out of 10135 people in this week's ATP Bracket Challenege for the Hamburg Masters. How cool is that?!?! I've never been in the top 1000 let alone the top 30 :) Okay you guys probably have no idea what am talking about but the Bracket Challenge is for all ATP Masters Series events where you're supposed to make picks for the winner of every single match in the draw all the way up to the final. Hamburg is the fifth Master Series event of the year and I'm number 29 :D This is cool cuz guessing the first round is really tough and I only missed like 3 games and hit jackpot in all the rest. Sweeeeet!!!

Anyways.... Just wanted to share the moment. Oh and check the song!

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