Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trash Talk...NOT !!

"I feel like the number two because I am the number two and I am closer to the number three than the number one," Rafael Nadal when asked if he felt like the best player in the world.


"I don't want to answer these stupid questions anymore. They're too stupid." Roger Federer when asked:

"Imagine it's 2009 and this little fairy comes to you and says, You're going to win one tournament, but you have to choose: Wimbledon or Roland Garros. Which one?"

Someone obviously pushed some buttons. Roger's justification was:

"Because I want to win at everything. I have no preference."

Fair enough, good for you biting the reporter's head off!! They really do sometimes ask ridiculous questions.


"I can only praise him for the level of play he's had for the last two weeks and today again under pressure... It's not like it's easy for him either. He handles it very well. To come up with a performance like this under pressure shows what a great champion he is." Roger Federer on Nadal's performance in the final. I certainly have the utmost respect for the Swiss who has proven he can lose with so much grace.


"Oh, my God, you know, I had no chance today." Roger Federer admitting a painful truth!!

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