Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Federer Wins 13th Slam, Murray Goes Down Without a Fight

I gotta say I'm not one to shy from admitting my mistakes; and thinking that Andy Murray had a chance of beating Roger Federer in the final today was a huge mistake. Okay I may have considered, for just a split second, editing my post about Murray's chances against Federer but I won't... The fact is: Andy Murray was a humongous disappointment tonight.

A ferocious Federer outplayed Murray 6-2, 7-5, 6-2 to win his 5th straight US Open title and 13th Grand Slam (1 more to go to level with Pete) to quieten all the skeptics who doubted the Swiss still had what it takes to win a Slam. Of course he has what it takes; the guy reached the Aussie Open semis, the final at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon and now topped off his season with a doubles Gold medal at Beijing and a US Open trophy. And the season ain't over yet!!!

Murray stepped on court with as little fire in him as a tiny candle on a windy day. The new world number 4 showed no signs of his lethal form he had displayed against Del Potro and Nadal heading into the final, and was outclassed by the Swiss master in every possible way.

And the sad part is, it didn't look like nerves. I mean with Djokovic last year, the Serb created for himself a zillion break point opportunities and had set points and stuff, but cuz he was nervous and new to the big stage, he couldn't seal the deal but at least he took Federer to 2 tiebreaks. Murray seemed totally unfazed. I mean it's unfair to say he didn't want it cuz am sure he did, but his attitude on court didn't show it and he kept playing to Federer's forehand and then baring the consequences. How come players still don't get how Nadal beats Federer?!?! Give the guy a bloody high ball to his backhand and see what he's gonna do!!!!!

Anyways, it was such a bad final in my opinion. I mean Federer was blazing but I would have loved to see Murray challenge him a little bit.

Nonetheless, congratz are due to the great champ. Am liking the fact that the Slams this year were split 3 ways... Who knows, maybe next year we'll have 4 different winners?!?!?! Wishful thinking?!?!

As for Murray, I guess we need to look at his tournament as a whole. That huge match against Del Potro and his 2-day match against Rafa. He did reach the final after all... That was some real good tennis. Let's hope he works on his consistency and shapes up for the big stage.

Man am gonna miss this Slam. It was a very entertaining fortnight. Davis Cup is up next followed by an indoor season where Federer will try to snatch back his number one ranking from Rafa. Stay tuned :)

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