Saturday, September 6, 2008

Flavor of the Week - Saturday September 6th

Okay so the action at the US Open has been canceled for today and the Nadal-Murray semifinal will resume tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm US Eastern Time (10pm Cairo Time). The Serena-Jankovic final is scheduled to kick off tomorrow at 9pm US Eastern Time.

Since there's no more tennis to watch today, I figured I'd write a "Flavor of the Week" which I know I haven't done in months. So here's what I've been watching/listening this summer:


The best movie I've seen all summer - actually all year - is a biography masterpiece called Into the Wild. It is based on the non-fiction book carrying the same name which depicts the life of Christopher McCandless, written by Jon Krakauer.

This movie has so many aspects to it that are just damn RIGHT. For starters, the director is Sean Penn, who did such an amazing job with this movie that I actually cried, and I NEVER cry in movies. The second thing is that the soundtrack was done by Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Veder, who also outdid himself. Emile Hirsch plays Christopher McCandless and you've got to give credit for Penn in making that perfect choice for the character. Vince Vaughn and Catherine Keener each have small but imperative roles in the movie while a heartbroken Marcia Gay Harden plays McCandless' mother.

The movie is about a kid who graduates from University and hitch-hikes his way to Alaska after burning the money in his pockets, giving his trust fund to charity and abandoning his car to go and live in the wild. The boy tries to strip himself from all that is material and tries to search for some value and meaning in the solitude of the wilderness, breaking his parents' hearts in the process and learning the hard way that no matter how harsh and superficial life can be, you need people around you to experience the beauty of it with you.

This movie is beyond a must-see. I haven't read the book but am sure it is brilliant.


Just in case you guys haven't listened to it yet, the new Coldplay album is really good. Viva La Vida is awesome and I've been listening to it daily all summer.


Last week, Prison Break, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill all premiered their new seasons and I must holler a RESPECT to the creators of Prison Break cuz the double-episode premiere was amazing. They didn't dwell on the past and they wrapped up anything from the old seasons pretty quick and started a whole new twist for the 4th season in a very smart and quick way. I can't wait to see what's next, and of course... Welcome back Sarah Tancredi :)

For all those Entourage fans who have been waiting for over a year, Entourage Season 5 is finally starting on Sunday. Did anyone catch the cast of Entourage at the US Open??!?! It was pretty cool. They even stepped on court at Arthur Ashe Stadium and hit a few balls. Vince, Ari and Turtle were the ones who were there.

Anyways, that's it for now... Hope you enjoy the movie :)


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