Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trash Talk: Robredo and Roddick Double-Team Djoko, Murray Not a Huge Fan of Del Potro

"... Novak was doing the show, that he was ‑‑ that he couldn't run..."

"I have pain, as well. I was running like hell and my feet were burning but I say nothing, no? I think that if you're not fit enough, then don't play.

But after every time he was asking for a trainer, he was running like hell and he was making the shot, but he does what he does a lot of times.

So did I trust him? No. No. I think he took his time because he did it because he was a little bit more tired and that's a part of the game. It help him a lot."

Tommy Robredo could not be more blatant about his annoyance towards the medical breaks Djokovic took during their grueling five-set match in the US Open fourth round action Tuesday night. Djokovic finally prevailed 4-6, 6-2, 6-3, 5-7, 6-3 to book himself a spot in the quarters.

From the looks of it, I think Robredo needed one or two medical breaks himself:

Andy Roddick joined Robredo in his accusations but he kind of put it in a humorous way in his press conference:

Q. When asked about his injuries today, mentioning the right ankle as opposed to the left ankle, the other day ‑‑

ANDY RODDICK: Isn't it both of them? And a back and a hip?

Q. And when he said there are too many to count.

ANDY RODDICK: And a cramp.

Q. Do you get the sense right now that he is...


Q. Lot of things. Beijing hangover.


Q. He's got pretty long list of illness.

ANDY RODDICK: Anthrax. SARS. Common cough and cold.

Q. Got a lot of things going on with him.


Q. Do you think he's bluffing?

ANDY RODDICK: No, I mean, I'm sure ‑‑

Q. The way you're saying it, almost means you feel like...

ANDY RODDICK: No, if it's there, it's there. There's just a lot. You know, he's either quick to call a trainer or he's the most courageous guy of all time. I think it's up for you guys to decide.

Meanwhile, the fans are anticipating the quarterfinal showdown between Andy Murray (who demolished world number 10, Stanislas Wawrinka) and Juan Martin Del Potro (who is on a 4 tournament winning streak) but not for the obvious reason.

It seems that a fallout occurred between the two back in May when Murray accused the Argentine of insulting his mother, Judy. According the the bookies are actually offering odds of 50-1 that the two will pick up a fight during their match. I think I can safely bet on those odds, don't you think?!?! :)

Murray's comment on the matter was:

"I’ve known him since we were really young and the fact we haven’t talked since May doesn’t bother me... I wasn’t great friends with him before. I don’t need to be friends with him now."


van said...

Hey Reem. There has been a lot of snipping by the guys this tournament! I thought it was a nice bit of sportsmanship at the end of the del Potro-Murray match where they seemed to make up. Hopefully it doesn't flare up again!

Reem said...

Hi Van,
Yeah I was totally surprised when I saw Murray and Del Potro act like grown ups at the end of the match... I guess after an awesome match like that, there's not much one can do but have respect for their opponent.
Even Djokovic spoke well in his press conference and publicly apologized about overreacting to Roddick's comments. Tennis is surely a classy sport, even when they're fighting :)