Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOOTBALL: Alan Shearer on Amr Zaki

Courtesy of Soufy :)

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sOOf said...

Thanks Reem for the acknowledgment :)
Thanks to Shearer for acrediting what many football fans wouldn't notice about Zaki. A player needs certain attributes to be the Tank-type attacker, like Zaki. His level of skill is righteously complemented by extreme perseverence. His outstanding shadow defence, positioning and tackling makes him a threat while the ball is with the opposing team's deffence line; another Tank player necessary feature. Amr Zaki has the physique and the decission making capabilities to sustain performance under pressure. When it comes to attacking operations: Zaki has been proving his efficiency with utilizing half chances. Among other Tank players I think Zaki surpasses most attackers, Drpgba being the highlighted exception. But if Zaki proves consitency through out the season in terms of not getting worn out- top teams would be turning their eyes to him for he is still a low cost addition to any team. So guess what you get a lot of Drogba for a lot cheaper than Drogba! On a last note Zaki is very good at ball movement, he has a good left foot, and he makes his passes, and crosses conservatively by the book. So even when tightly marked, he would still be able to effectively contribute.
Zaki: A "BUY" by all means.