Friday, November 14, 2008

Stepanek in Shanghai... Why?!?!

Okay the reason I stopped posting updates about the Masters Cup is because I have officially lost interest the second I saw Radek Stepanek instead of Andy Roddick on my plasma, playing against Roger Federer. I truly hate it when someone pulls out after the Cup kicks off because it simply ruins the whole round robin concept. I mean Roddick had already lost to Andy Murray, then all of a sudden, someone else is there to play his second match?

And what’s up with bringing in Stepanek? Is that the best alternate they could come up with?!?! Were the Cup organizers that desperate? There is nothing lamer than someone who is not a top 10 player squeezing himself into playing at the Masters Cup, except someone who is not even a top 20 player just sticking around in case anybody gets injured. Stepanek is number 26 in the race and number 27 in the ATP rankings. What the hell is he doing in Shanghai?!

Am sure Stepanek fans (if there are any) will not be very happy with my post but am not saying he's a bad player (he did beat Federer this year), I just don't like the fact that he's at the Cup, where 8 players busted their qualifying asses for it. I think that when someone pulls out halfway through the Cup, the organizers shouldn't replace that person. The players who haven't played that contestant yet, should get some sort of automatic points and move on.

I should have known the Cup this year would be a disappointment to me, I mean first Rafa’s tendonitis, then Tsonga crashes out, and now Stepanek is playing understudy for Roddick?!?!

Okay that being said, I’d like to show you guys what Roddick said after he pulled out of Shanghai. He joined many other players in slamming the tour’s schedule especially with some new changes taking effect next year and he even stuck up for Rafa and singled him out as being the most player who would ever want to show up on court. Check this out:

"I think too much is asked of us as far as playing 11 months of the year, and now they're imposing more mandatory tournaments.”

"It doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It's unfortunate for someone like Rafa that goes out there and does things the right way. No one is ever going to question how much effort he gives every time he's on the court.

"I don't think anybody wants to be on the court more than he does, so at a certain point you would hope they start respecting our opinions a little bit more."

"This particular injury had nothing to do with it being a long season. It was an accident and it was unlucky it happened... That being said, I think I've been pretty forthright in my opinions regarding the schedule and it being too long."

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