Saturday, November 22, 2008

TV TALK: Mid-season finales comin’ up… What do you think of your favorite shows so far?

Okay most shows will be having their mid-season finales pretty soon and I just wanted to make a few comments about what has been going on lately…

For starters… Just to get this out of the way early… What the hell is up with Izzie on Grey’s??!?! Is it just me, or isn’t sleeping with a ghost sooo 1990?!?!? Yes, I am referring to Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost, in which they actually only kissed while he was a ghost, AND he was inside a human body… not that that makes any sense but anyways, the whole Denny/Izzie situation is morbid/creepy/annoying! It seems like Shonda Rhimes can’t find a storyline for Izzie without making her act all nutty.

I just found out that ABC have canceled Dirty Sexy Money, which I personally don’t get. They’re gonna air the 13 episodes already produced for season 2, but then it’s game over for the Darlings and their fans. Pushing Daisies also got the axe but Private Practice survived and is getting a full second season.

One quick thing I wanna say about Lucy Lui. Is she capable of playing any character other than the bitchy, over-confident, hardcore badass?!?! I mean off the top of my head, check out her roles in Ally McBeal, Cashmere Mafia, Dirty Sexy Money… Kill Bill… That woman is just terrifying!

Moving to NBC… Does anyone else think the Heroes creators are on crack?! You know what I think is funny?!? During last Monday’s episode (309), they kept showing up those subtitles saying “One year ago” and “Present Day” and crap like that when no one has a freakin’ clue when the hell is today and when the hell was one year ago. The timeline is soooo messed up that am starting to think Peter Petrelli will start saving New York all over again like season 1.

And does anyone have any idea who is good and who is evil anymore?!?! I mean I let the whole “Sylar is a good guy fighting his uncontrollable urge to kill others and take their powers” thing slide, but Angela Petrelli is now suddenly a victim of her husband’s fiendish plans and is not so bad herself?!?! Come ooon!! Or is it just a matter of relativity? Someone is just more evil than someone else. And basically the Petrelli father is the root of all evil!! Well he sure is fertile. He’s up to 3 sons now and counting…

All I can say about Heroes season 3 is: basically everyone you thought was bad is actually good (Sylar, Elle, Angela Petrelli…etc…), and people you thought were good guys are turning bad like Suresh, Claire (she does kill Peter in the future), Peter from the future (the one with the scar, he seemed pretty bad) and the manufactured Tracy, who looks exactly like Nikki, who I have no idea where she is right now.

More to come… Stay tuned!


Hisham said...

I agree with you about the whole Izzy!
What the hell is up with that?
I'd accept his twin brother coming back ala Morning Soaps style and not a Ghost...If the writers loved Denny so much why the hell did they kill him off!!!!
On the upside thank god they got rid of Haan!

I've taken a break from Heroes and am sad to see the Darlings go, chick flick or not I really like Private practice and am glad its continuing.

I'm now focused on "Fringe" It's good and has a vast amount of potential...It's Alias meets X-Files with a mix of Lost thrills!
Is it getting picked up?

Reem said...

You're right!! At least Haan is gone... that couple was not easy on my stomach khales.

Fringe 3amla ala2 everywhere... and its ratings are good.. Fox actually picked it up for a full season (22 episodes) back in October... you know what's funny?!?! The first two shows to get picked up for full seasons were Fox's Fringe and the CW's 90210 haha... Apparently they are both equally successful.

3amatan JJ Abrams mabeygaleesh!!! The guy is a genius... Am waiting for the shows to take their break then I plan on getting hooked on Fringe.

Hisham said...

wanted to make sure I wan't wasting my time watching a 10 episode show:)