Sunday, December 28, 2008

TV TALK: 2009 Schedule - Your favorite shows are returning soon...

Most TV shows have been on hiatus during December and they'll be making their respective returns pretty soon. A new season of Lost also kicks off in January as well as the long-awaited Scrubs.

Speaking of Scrubs, it has been confirmed that there will be a new Cox on the show this season. Courtney Cox-Arquette will appear on Scrubs for a 3-episode arc as the new Chief of Medicine for Sacred Heart. Let's hope Cox-Arquette's return to the small screen this time, will redeem her horrible mistake a.k.a. Dirt, last year.

HBO's Entourage is set to start shooting in January and we should expect the new season by early summer.

Still no news on Greek and am not sure what's happening with Prison Break. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in November 2008 that Fox has ordered two extra episodes of the fourth season, which may serve as a two-hour series finale in 2009. Am still not sure when those 2 episodes are scheduled to air.

Here are return dates for some of the shows:

January 4th : Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives

January 5th: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl

January 6th: 90210, Scrubs

January 8th: Private Practice (moved to Thursdays), Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty

January 19th: House (moved to Mondays)

January 21st: Lost

February 2nd: Heroes - Volume 4: Fugitives

Check out this Lost Season 5 sneak peek:

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