Thursday, January 29, 2009

Australian Open: Day 11 Highlights - Federer Into 18th Slam Final

Roger Federer moved into his 18th Grand Slam final when he beat 7th-seed, Andy Roddick, 6-2, 7-5, 7-5 in the semis on Thursday. The 3-time Australian Open champion, awaits Rafael Nadal or Fernando Verdasco in the final, where he will try to capture his 14th Slam to match Pete Sampras' record.

Federer, who now leads Roddick 16-2 head-to-head, played an incredible match, and he kind of made me feel like another dominating streak is about to start. The Swiss outplayed an in-form Roddick in every aspect of the game, including the number of aces, which is supposed to be Roddick's thing. Here's what Roddick had to say after the match:

"Let's not kid ourselves. You're down two sets to him and scraping, trying to survive. I hit the ball pretty well. If you look at his stats for the match, both of us had pretty good stats. You know, he just came up with shots when he needed to. That's what he does."

"The thing about Roger is you can know where to go, and you can still come out on the bad end of it sometimes. So that's where it differs from a lot of people... A lot of people you know exactly what have to do and the majority of the time you execute it, you're going to come out on the good end it of. That part is a little bit frustrating at times."

"Overall, it was an okay match. He just beat me. It's plain and simple."

In the meantime, Nadal was working on the practice courts, and am wondering if that ice is there to help him cope with the heat, or to calm him down after seeing Federer's form against Roddick?!? I gotta admit Federer from the Del Potro and the Roddick match is a pretty alarming sight!!

Nadal faces Verdasco tomorrow (Friday), not before 7:30pm Melbourne time, 10:30 a.m. Cairo time.

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