Friday, January 30, 2009

Australian Open: Day 12 - Nadal vs Verdasco Video Highlights

Courtesy of ESPN

This is what Verdasco had to say about that unbelievable point in the fourth set that Rafa finished off with a cross court passing shot:

"Today was a lot of points like this. You know, I remember that point unbelievable that I made a smash like so close to the net, and he just put the ball in. I put it again to the forehand, and he made unbelievable passing shot cross‑court with the forehand. I was, like, I couldn't believe, no?

But, you know, with Rafa after, I start laughing because I say like, With him is normal. With the others, no. But with him, I'm not surprised of this, no? I saw him play a lot of times, and he made things that all the other doesn't make. So this is why he's also No. 1 in the world."

Here's what Rafa had to say after the match, talking to Brad Gilbert:

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