Friday, January 30, 2009

Australian Open: Nadal Hoping To Recover Before Federer Final

"... Special play against Federer any match, no? You play another final of Grand Slam is more exciting, no?

Little bit unlucky. Don't know how I gonna be for the final. I gonna try my best for sure for recover my body and my physical performance. But, you know, after one match like this, the next days you feel much heavier, no?

But for sure for me is amazing play another final of Grand Slam. Here in Australia, the first one. Well, unlucky all the time is against the same: the best. For sure, I prefer another opponent. But that's makes big the sport, too, no, finals like this."

Yes Rafa, please do it for tennis' sake :D

After 5 hours and 14 minutes of battling on court, Nadal has one less day than Federer - who beat Roddick in straights on Thursday - to prepare himself for the final on Sunday.

This will be Nadal's first encounter with Federer in a hardcourt Grand Slam final, as well as it being the Spaniard's first final in Melbourne.

The last time both players met was in the Wimbledon final last year, and we all know what happened there.

Stay tuned for more preview about the upcoming final...


hcfoo said...

Hi Reem, I miss Rafa-Roger rivalry so much I can't wait for Sunday to come! But somehow I have the feeling that today's semifinal is the climax of the 2009 AO. Wow, can't you believe it that Rafa has now mastered the hardcourt?!

Reem said...

Yes, indeed Rafa has come a long long way. Today's match and the Wimbledon final, sum up how he has become an all round player.

Yes I am concerned about his level in the upcoming final. Lets hope he'll be fit and ready to challenge Federer, cuz Federer is back to his scary ruthless mode. Which is not good news for Rafa!