Friday, February 27, 2009

Nadal Attends Real-Liverpool Match, Casillas Compares Real-Barca Rivalry to Federer-Nadal

World number 1, Rafael Nadal, attended the Real Madrid - Liverpool 1st leg match in the Champions League last 16 on Wednesday. Unfortunately for Nadal, his favorite team in Spain lost at home to Liverpool 0-1, with a late Yossie Benayoun header.

Nadal's advice to the team of course, was to remain positive and fight back; something the Spaniard knows how to do very well.

“The result wasn’t what the team wanted, however, they have to keep being positive... In their next match they have to go out there and believe in victory. They have to go to Liverpool with their hearts full," said Nadal.

“I’m simply one more fan, but I have to say that I saw them playing often from the back, it was real hard for them to come forward. It’s a pity that with the one chance (Liverpool) had, they scored."

In the Spanish Primera Liga, Real Madrid have managed to narrow the gap between them and 1st-placed Barca to only 7 points, and their Captain, Iker Casillas, who is a good friend of Nadal's, recently compared his team's rivalry with Barcelona at the top of the league, to the rivalry between Nadal and Roger Federer.

"Back in the day, Nadal saw Federer as the best, and now he is at the top. We are up against a Barcelona side that plays very good football, but I believe that a season ago we were the best side in the league," Casillas told Marca.

"We are doing well or very well...but another team are phenomenal. Right now we are feeling good [after cutting the gap], but next week we have another opponent and another difficult battle."

Is it me or is Casillas comparing Real Madrid to Federer and Barca to Nadal?!?! Does this mean he wants Federer to reclaim his position as number 1 just like he wishes his own team could overtake Barca??!?! Well that's not very supportive to his good friend Rafa don't you think?!?!?


prince of silence said...

well , rafael nadaal is great .. I liked him since he was 18 .. and he adore his country so much .. u know he was a football player in one of the famous la liga clubs , malaga I think

Reem said...

Hello prince of silence.
Rafael Nadal was a football player but only until he was 12... his Uncle Miguel Angel Nadal was a football player who played for RCD Mallorca, Barcelona and the Spanish national team. But Rafa, he only played till he was 12 years old.
Thanks for stopping by :)