Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote of the Day - Nadal Says Federer Is The Best... AGAIN!

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"I'm getting tired of this question... When someone has 13 Grand Slams and 14 Masters titles, there is no discussion about who is the best."
Rafael Nadal when asked who he thinks is the best player in the world.

The world number 1, who opens his Rotterdam singles campaign against Simone Bolleli on Wednesday, remains adamant about where he stands on the "best player in the world" issue.

He keeps saying it over and over again and even his coach said it; so I don't know when reporters will stop asking him this question. If they're waiting for Rafa to budge on this, well they're wrong. Whether the Spaniard is genuinely convinced that Federer is better or whether he thinks it's just better to say that to the press, end result Rafa is not Djokovic. He won't be provoked into saying some cocky comment about how he's better than everybody else.

Here's part of Rafa's press conference after his doubles loss in Rotterdam on Monday:

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