Saturday, March 21, 2009

Federer to miss Monte Carlo Masters event

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World number 2, Roger Federer, will not take part in the Monte Carlo Masters clay event that takes place next month, BBC reported on Friday.

The Swiss, who has lost in the finals to Rafael Nadal the last 3 seasons, told the tournament organizers that he will have to miss the event this year due to changes in his clay season schedule.

Federer, who is determined to win the French Open to complete a career Grand Slam, has made an interesting choice by missing Monte Carlo... I don't know if this will strengthen or weaken his chances in grabbing that elusive Roland Garros trophy.

Federer, who recently said that he "[doesn't] have a problem on clay. [He has] a Rafa problem on clay", will get his necessary pre-French Open prep on the clay of Rome followed by the new Masters Series event in Madrid.

So why do you think Federer is gonna miss Monte Carlo??! Are Rome and Madrid gonna be enough, or is he giving up on Roland Garros and saving up some energy for the rest of the season?? Let me know your thoughts on that...

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Mia said...

i think Federer is just sick of losing to Rafa every single time at this event. so he decided to skip it altogether haha