Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's gonna be Nadal's Year, Says Safin

Photo via GoToTennis Blog

"He's (Nadal) a very enthusiastic, and he's just into the game and he's 100% concentrated on the game. He has a lot of just motivation to get better and better.

Of course he's much more talented than he looks, because also a lot of people thought he doesn't have such great hands, but apparently he has unbelievable touch. He sees the ball quite well, unbelievable athlete.

So just it's easier to adapt yourself to other surfaces, and he adapt very well. Also he improved his serve and decided to go to the net. Just he breaks everybody mentally. Before the match, everybody knows that they don't have any chance.

He learnt how to play on other surfaces, and I think it just was amazing. Nobody thought actually he managed to play great on grass, but he made it. It's really surprising, but it also makes you can take the head off in front of him to show his my appreciation that he managed to do that in such a short period of time."

Okay I think taking one's "head" off is a bit much to show some respect, but we get the idea, Marat.

"He will win them (Roland Garros and Wimbledon) again. He will win them. What's the problem. If he's not injured and he's playing well, so he will win it again."

"He has all the chance. But I don't know, for some reason he didn't play very well on that tournament, in US Open, but I think he has a chance. This year will be his year. I think he going to manage, because he's playing too good."

I know what you're thinking... "What?!?! This year is gonna be Rafa's year?! I thought last year was his year... "

Unlike Rafa, who said his chances of completing the Grand Slam this year are "really small", Safin obviously believes the Spaniard is up for yet another incredible season. Safin, who crashed out to Isner at Indian Wells on Tuesday, thinks Nadal should be able to defend his French Open and Wimbledon trophies this year, as well as having a shot at the US Open.

Anyone else think Rafa will pull a "Rod Laver" this year?!?! I'd sure love to believe so :)


Anonymous said...

I think Rafa will win the French and the US Open. Not sure about Wimbledon though.

Mariana said...

It's nice to hear it from Marat. It's too early to think about the other GS tournaments but I hope Rafa stays fit and has at least the luck that bravest deserve (and in order of play too!). The rest depends on him.

Reem said...

Hi Mariana,

You're right, it's nice to get that respect from someone like Safin.

I am optimistic about Rafa's chances this year. Let's just hope he remains healthy.

I am concerned though about how fit he's gonna feel by the time the US Open comes.