Friday, March 27, 2009

Now that it's official... What should we expect from Clijsters' return?

I added a new poll about Kim Clijsters' recent announcement on her return to tennis. Given the state of women's tennis these days, do you think the former world number 1 could win another Slam or make it back to the top?!? Give me your votes and type in some comments, let me know what you think.

The 25-year-old Belgian, who had retired from tennis back in 2007 - 2 years after she had won her sole Grand Slam singles title at the US Open - announced her schedule for 2009 that will include playing in Cincinatti, Toronto and the US Open.

Clijsters' had cited injuries and her desire to start a family as the main reasons behind her retirement back then, and now 2 years later, she has a daughter, Jada, with her husband, pro basketball player, Brian Lynch.

Initially Clijsters was scheduled to appear in an exhibition on Wimbledon Centre Court alongside Tim Henman, Steffi Graff and Andre Agassi, but the plan obviously evolved into something juicier.

"It all started with preparing for the gala match at Wimbledon. It was all pretty laid back. But I liked it so much I was onto my training schedule from my pro days, and then the hunger for more came automatically."

"I look at this as a second career, not as a comeback, as I am now in a situation where not everything revolves around tennis 24 hours a day. We'll see how I, Jada and the others in my environment can handle this,"
said Clijsters on her return.

Kim's fellow tennis players all seem to be excited about her return; I know I am cuz am hoping she'd be able to spice things up a bit and at least we'll have one more active female player on tour who has a Grand Slam in her resume.

"It will be great for the game to have such a great sportswoman back... She is so nice, it will be good to have her around. She was so fit and she is young so I don't think she will have problems," said world number 1, Serena Williams.

"It's really cool. She is a great girl, a great champion and a great athlete... It has to be good for us, the sport is all about great competition and personalities," agreed third-ranked Jelena Jankovic.

So how do you feel about Clijsters' return!?!?


Javier said...

I think Kimmie can hands down take anyone on tour except maybe the Williams sisters. I was always a huge fan of hers and she is a great champion. She has experience and knows about consistency, which is something many female players lack these days.

Sophia said...

It's not so easy to decide because now she has a kid and a family and those will definitely be her priority. But the field does need someone who has already been there and done that, so I think she will trouble the top players but can't really tell how far she's gonna go.