Thursday, April 9, 2009

Comedy Spots: Early Doors on Chelsea's Ivanovic

"If you had been given a list of all 26 players who took to the field at Anfield last night and told to rank them in order of their likelihood of making a match-winning contribution, Branislav Ivanovic would have been dead last...

As of yesterday early evening, his only claim to fame was sharing his name with an attractive tennis player. He was to Ana Ivanovic what Weird Al is to Jelena Jankovic.

Now he is the man who put Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals.

- Early Doors' take on defender, Bransilav Ivanovic's brace during Wednesday's Champions League quarterfinals 1st leg against Liverpool. The Serb, who was only playing because Jose Bosingwa was injured, contributed twice to the 3-1 away victory for Chelsea.


tijana said...

Well I am from Serbia and I don't think that this is a comedy! Ivanovic is the best goalscorer for Serbia in World Cup 2010. qualifications campaign with three goals! He is better even than FUCKIN' Terry!!! This fact knew Guus Hiddink so he gave him a chance, and Bane returned him with two goals!!!

Reem said...

And now he proved what you're saying to all Chelsea fans around the world, who had no idea how talented he is. There is nothing offensive about Early Doors' post, they're saying he wasn't big in London, and many people didn't expect all this from him before the game, but now he definitely will be, and the brilliant Guus will think twice before benching him.

The play on words is funny without a doubt. No need to read more into it.

Jordi said...

Hahaha very funny comparison. Well done Ivanovic. We hope to see more of him on the field.

@tijana: You shouldn't be offended. They're saying the kid was not known to everyone outside of Serbia but now he is. There are so many great players that are famous on the national level of their countries but have still not proven themselves in their foreign clubs. You don't have to be so aggressive about it.