Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miami Video: Federer pulls a "Marat" as he angrily falls to Djokovic

How disappointing is it to you as a tennis fan, when you anticipate a match of the Federer-Djokovic caliber but end up with a disastrous version of it where Federer has no forehand, has the temper of Marat Safin and is actually less popular on court than Djokovic is?!?!! It's horrifying ain't it?!

The world number 2 fell to Djokovic 3-6, 6-2, 6-3 in a windy semifinal in Miami where his forehands were flying all over the place and when they weren't out of bounds they just hit the net.

"It was unfortunate, you know, but thank God the hardcourt season is over... I don't care anymore. I'm moving over to clay, a new chapter," said a seemingly bitter Federer after the match.

The Swiss is not scheduled to play Monte Carlo, and is free till Rome (starts April 27th), so I guess he has some time now to rest, shake off that loss and get ready for Roland Garros.

As for Djokovic, he awaits Andy Murray or Juan Martin Del Potro in the final.


RiCH said...

Love the Marat comparison - spot on. And the opening? Also spot on and fucking hilarious.

Get thee to a head shrinker Fed. I hear Reeshard has a list you can borrow.

Reem said...

LOL... Muchas gracias.

So who do you say will win tomorrow?!?! Me thinks Murray will do it.

Javier said...

Jaja !! I agree with Rich. This post is SPOT ON. Good job, Reem putting it all in two lines.