Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miami Video: Federer sounding pissed off in his post-match presser

Okay that press conference seems a lot different when you actually see Federer's face. I mean we've all read the transcripts and could tell he's pissed off but the look on his face and his tone throughout this video show a lot more. There's lots of bitterness and anger besides the understandable disappointment expected after any loss.

There are a few seconds in there where I felt he was gonna bite the head off one of the reporters. Well after the way he played, I don't blame the guy. It's just one of those matches he should forget about altogether... as well as this press conference for that matter.

Snap out of it Fed. Creating a habit of being a sore loser is not very becoming!!!


Rozza said...

that's beyond bitter and angry, this is straight-out depressed! poor thing it seems he was covering up wiping his tears by wiping all over his face :'( it's sad

Reem said...

aywa el mohem if you had just read the transcript of the press conference, konti hat2ooli 3adi Federer beyetkalem.... but when i saw this video fehemt!! It is sad fe3lan!