Monday, April 27, 2009

Quote of the Day - Federer on his confidence

"It's kind of hard to pinpoint to quite honest... I've won a decent amount of matches beaten the players I have to. Unfortunately I couldn't beat the best you know for some reason... At the moment Rafa's obviously been very very solid, that was a loss for me at the Australian Open and then Murray and Djokovic got me in Indian Wells and Miami. So it took away maybe a bit of my confidence just a touch, but now I don't quite know where I am because we're on clay, it's completely different."

- Roger Federer when asked about his confidence heading into the Rome Masters

Okay so he's being realistic and honest about how he's feeling right now which shouldn't be alarming but when asked about his expectations for Rome and what would be a good result for him at the event, Roger said:

"I think the semifinals would be good."

Correct me if am wrong but Classic Roger would have said am here to win, but semifinals!??! Come on! Wow times are truly a-changin everybody like the great Bob Dylan said.

You can watch the complete interview here.


Kim said...

Great pick up on this quote. I agree - Roger hopes he can make it to the semis??? He really needs to focus on the mental part of his game - and I think he needs someone to coach him back to winning.

Reem said...

Thanks Kim.

I guess the human mind just works in mysterious ways. There's no telling why Federer does not seem very motivated these days, and what exactly will get him back in the zone. Maybe he's just happy and enjoying the personal stuff going on in his life, or maybe he needs a coach or maybe it's something totally different.

I guess it's just hard for us to believe that he's simply human and couldn't stay flawless and ruthless forever. Especially that at the exact same time, there are at least 3 other ruthless guys who are beating him any chance they get.

I'm curious to see how he's gonna play in Wimbledon and at the US Open.

Beth said...

Interesting post. I had not heard these comments from Roger. Who knows how having a child will affect his tennis career. For those of us who are parents, I think we can all attest to the fact that you simply cannot know how having a child changes your life (obviously for the BETTER but also in practical, every day ways). It will be interesting to see if the birth of his child enhances Roger's motivation. He has said that it has been his hope/dream to have a child in time (so to speak) to see him play competitively as a professional.