Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Verdasco going for the win at Roland Garros, says Rafa still the favorite

World number 8, Fernando Verdasco, spoke to the press on Tuesday, about his hopes for Roland Garros next week, at the Club de Tenis Chamartín in Madrid, where he was honored alongside Virginia Ruano.

"To make it to the semifinals at Roland Garros is a great result, but I can not go [shooting for] the semifinals, I must go to win. My mentality is that I am going there to win just like when I went to Australia and got to semi-finals against Nadal..." said the Madrileño.

"I'm very excited this year and I hope to do better than previous years..."

Verdasco also assured everyone that he still believes that Rafael Nadal is the clear favorite at Roland Garros this year, despite his loss last Sunday to Roger Federer in Madrid:

"Rafa is just as good, despite having lost the final. He can lose on clay, but it is more normal for him to win in Roland Garros, best of five sets, where has won the last four years and is the great favorite."

"Federer comes with some extra confidence, but he knows the difference between Madrid and Paris and best of five sets will be more difficult for him. In addition, he can not win many points with his serve [like in Madrid] and the points will not be as tight. He knows that Paris is going to be different."

Verdasco flies to Paris on Thursday, where he will have a couple of days to practice before the tournament kicks off on May 24th. This is the first time the Spaniard will take part at a Slam as a top-ten player.

(Quotes via Marca.com, translation by me)

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