Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I missed while I was away ...

So I leave town for 5 days for the first time in months for some much needed R&R, only to find out that this is just a portion of what I missed while I was enjoying the heavenly beaches of Sinai (see images below):

- Djokovic beat Roger... AGAIN!

So Roger Federer fulfilled his underachieving goal of making it to the semis in Rome, where he ended up suffering a second straight loss to Novak Djokovic. Haven't seen the match, can't say much about it, but all I can say is that am really impressed with Djokovic, who made it to back-to-back clay Masters finals (Monte Carlo and Rome), despite the fact that he failed to defend his title and has dropped to number 4 in the rankings. To be honest, who would blame anyone for losing a final to Rafa on clay?!?!

- Nadal added a 15th Masters title to his collection

I never get enough of talking about Rafa's triumphs. Been doing it since he was barely inside the top 50, and I hope to continue doing so until he decides to hang up his racquet. Rafa remains unbeatable on clay this season, as he captured his second clay Masters title of the season, defeating the same player in both finals, Novak Djokovic. Am liking the whole Rafa-Djoko pseudo-rivalry that's going on right now. I say pseudo cuz Djokovic is yet to prove himself as an actual threat to Rafa, who leads the Serb 13-4 in their head-to-head record, with all 4 losses coming on hardcourts. Anyone else think that if Djokovic isn't in Rafa's half of the draw at the French Open, we should expect a Rafa-Djoko final in Paris?

- Murray is the new world number 3

So the Scot has moved forward with his I'm-Taking-Over-the-Rankings plan, and managed to move up a spot, by overtaking Djokovic, despite the fact that Murray lost his first match in Rome last week to Juan Monaco. Life might seem unfair sometimes right?! Murray loses early, Djoko makes the final and makes the human mistake of losing to Rafa, yet Murray still becomes the world number 3. Well I think it's fair, because it took Murray a lot of wins to get this close to Djokovic in the first place. All I have to say is congratz to the Scot and may the best player rise *really saying switch places all you want but keep Rafa at the top :) *

- Barca thrashed Real Madrid 6-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu

This requires a video. Again my only consolation that I missed one of my favorite teams in the world, demolishing its greatest rival like that, is that I was in one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

That Messi pass from which Henri scored the first goal is beyond me. Am speechless!!!

So I missed out on a lot, but at least I get to catch the Champions League tonight. And for those of you who kept checking my blog the past few days and found nothing new, the following is my excuse:

A spot on the coast between Nuweiba and Taba in Sinai, Egypt

Castle Zaman, Sinai, Egypt


Charlie said...

Wooowww ! This place looks amazing. We forgive you, Reem. But don't disappear again please. I need my tennis fix.

Reem said...

LOL alright Charlie. Don't worry!! Will do my best to stick around.

marooned84 said...

the Barca match was once in a lifetime, like the 6-1 Ahly Zamalek keda!

Reem said...

@marooned84: LOL I like the analogy...