Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nadal to travel to London, hopes to make speedy recovery for Wimbledon

World number one, Rafael Nadal, sent out an update today on his official website about his knee status and his chances on playing Wimbledon. The 23-year-old Spaniard, who was forced to withdraw from Queen's this week, has been undergoing thorough tests on his knees for the past 36 hours, to figure out whether he can recover in time for the 3rd Slam of the year.

"After the appropriate tests (MRI, Ultrasound scans and gammagraphy) Mr. Rafael Nadal suffers from insertion tendonitis in the superior end of both kneecaps with a light osseous edema," said Doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, Spanish Federation doctor and Managing Director of the Mapfre Medical Tennis Center.

"His treatment will involve oral anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy as well as progressive muscular exercises for both quadriceps's. Following the 48-hour treatment, Mr. Nadal will gradually get back into training progressively."

Nadal said he will do his best to recover in time but he will not play Wimbledon unless he is 100% fit:

"I have been playing with pain on my knees for some months now and I simply can't go on like this. The pain was limiting certain movements in my body, which affected me mentally as well."

"After the tests and with the appropriate treatment, we have decided to travel to London next Tuesday, June 16th."

"I am going to give my 200% to be ready for the most important tournament in the world. The tournament that I always dream about. I will not go out and play, especially on the Wimbledon Centre Court, if I am not 100% ready to play."

"I have 2 difficult weeks ahead of me, especially because I won't be doing what I like doing most, which is to play tennis, but I will be working on my recovery through physiotherapy treatments as well as recovery work on the specific muscular area."

Although it seems Nadal doesn't worry much about rankings and for him it really is all about playing the game, participating in Wimbledon and facing the challenge of defending his title, I must point out that if he doesn't play Wimbledon, and Roger Federer wins the tournament, the Swiss will overtake Nadal in the rankings, and retain the number 1 spot.

Best of luck to Rafa, I know millions of people will be praying for his recovery.


mariam said...

reem...couldnt find a nicer picture???? great coverage - keep it up

Reem said...

Hehe I was going for the "am worried am gonna miss Wimbledon" effect ...
Thanks hun.. lets hope he makes it!!

Anonymous said...

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