Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quote of the Day - Stefan Edberg on Andy Murray

"Murray could win all of the Grand Slam titles out there."

"The clay courts and the French Open will be the toughest for him - but he could still do it... The Australian Open, the US Open and Wimbledon, especially with the home-crowd, are all definitely possible for Murray."

"It is now about winning one of them and, once he has done that, he will be able to win more... You have to crack it first. Getting the first one is the hard bit for someone like Andy, he just needs a bit of luck."

"It's like Ivan Lendl. He was in his seventh year as a professional before he finally won a Grand Slam title and he lost in four Slam finals before he cracked it... When he finally won one, it was the start for him."

"Lendl went on to win seven more Grand Slam titles, eight in total - even more than McEnroe - and become world No1. I think Andy Murray could do the same thing."

-- Seven-time Grand Slam champion, Stefan Edberg tips Andy Murray for Grand Slam glory

I agree with the Swedish phenomenon. Murray has all the tools to tally up those Slams, but he needs to win the first one. I think if Murray reaches another Major final, he will not crumble like he did against Federer at the US Open last year. It's just like Djokovic, who got nervous against Federer in the 2007 US Open final, but he didn't think twice a few months later when he won the Australian Open. The question is: when will Murray win that first Grand Slam title?!?!?

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tennischick said...

too bad about Safin. :-(

Reem said...

Yeah I hope he recovers in time.. I still have no news on the status of his injury!!