Thursday, June 18, 2009

VIDEO: Murray discusses his Wimbledon chances

With Rafael Nadal's fitness in question, Wimbledon's third-seed and recently crowned Queen's champ, Andy Murray, is being tipped by many as a main contender for the Wimbledon title alongside Roger Federer. Tennis legend, Bjorn Borg, was one of many backing the Scot saying:

"I have been very impressed with him this year... I was really impressed with his clay-court season and coming off that, he feels strong and played well again last week at Queens. Right now, he probably feels very, very confident. He can handle the pressure."

Tim Henman also stated his views on the matter by saying:

"I watched Andy at Queen's and what impressed me most was how routine his performance was... It is always a very good field and he only dropped his serve twice the whole week.

"He was a class apart, and it was such a great platform for him going into Wimbledon. His game looks very comfortable. There is every possibility he can win it with the way his game has developed in the last 12 months."

I must say I am concerned about all this hype surrounding Murray ahead of Wimbledon. The Brits have a way with creating a buzz around their stars and in the process, the pressure builds up and they end up cracking. Okay, I don't really blame them considering they haven't had a Wimbledon champion in over 70 years, but for the kid's sake, they should try and tone it down a notch (they've written a song for him for crying out loud).

The last time this big of a fuss was made about the Scot was right before the Australian Open, when many people tipped Murray as the favorite considering his record and solid form heading into the first Slam of the year, but look what happened there?!?! He lost in the fourth round to Fernando Verdasco!! I know I said before Queen's that I believe Murray has a great chance on grass this season, but he is certainly not a clear favorite nor should he be favored ahead of Federer or Rafa.

Here's an interview the Telegraph had with Murray discussing his chances at Wimbledon this year:


van said...

Hey Reem, what's up? I totally agree with you about them toning it down over there. "Remember Australia" should be what they're saying to themselves!

Reem said...

Haha exactly... Remember Australia.. Am likin his chances but he must ignore the media and somehow deal with the pressure...

My concern now is with Rafa. We find out in a bit whether he will play or not.