Monday, July 20, 2009

Video: From one RF to another

Roger Federer speaks with Rio Ferdinand. I just love it when football and tennis cross paths. Enjoy!


Sara said...

I love when two of my favorite sports cross too. I'm new to your blog but I like you already because I too am a massive fan of Barca.

Did you see the pictures of Roger meeting with the players from Liverpool while they were training in Switzerland?

Reem said...

Hi Sara. Welcome to GSM :) I'm glad you stopped by and thrilled to have a fellow Barca fan checking my blog.

I haven't seen those photos actually, am googling them as we speak. Thanks for the tip and be sure to stop by again.


tennisgirl said...

i found you on blogcatalog
and decided to check your blog out since i am a huge tennis fan
hope you visit my tennis blogs too

take care and keep up the good work