Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Video: Federer and Nadal Montreal Interviews

World number 2 and Rogers Cup defending champion, Rafael Nadal, discusses the frustration that comes with being sidelined with an injury for 2 months, and whether he is 100% ready for Montreal:

World number 1 and possibly one of the happiest men in the world right now, Roger Federer, discusses all the craziness that has come his way over the past few months, from winning his first French Open, to the arrival of his twin baby girls:

All I can say is that lately it seems like when life looks up for one of those two, it almost instantly crumbles down for the other... and the beauty of it all is how they manage to pick themselves up so gracefully right after. I can't wait to see Rafa turn things around. And of course the best case scenario is when the two of them are at their best, sharing the titles and the success.

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