Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does anyone really enjoy the tennis after the US Open?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to sense that the post-US Open tennis season is pretty much a downer. First there are those ATP World Tour 250 events that no one really cares about. I’d like to call them the low self-esteem tourneys, where players who haven’t won a title in a while, go and feel good about themselves (exhibit A, Gael Monfils in Metz today, ended a 4-year title drought).

Then there’s the Asian swing which most top players attempt to make, but end up pulling out cuz their bodies are worn out (the jetlag alone must be a nightmare). They did however manage to squeeze in a Masters 1000 event over there in Shanghai, but am not sure if it’s a required event or not, so I’ll hold off the mocking until I see the confirmed players list.

Then we’re back to the lame 250s but this time it’s just in way colder cities and the players are even more tired. At that point they’re trying to convince us that the tennis is getting hotter cuz players are fighting for spots in the Masters Cup in London. Then again, how many players can actually fight for a spot in the top 8 when 5 spots have been filled already? And even when players make it, some of them pull out injured and people like Stepanek get a free pass to the Cup as an alternate (remember last year?).

Two ATP 500 events are to take place before the Paris Masters and the Cup in London, which are Valencia (bumped from the spring season disguised as an indoor event) and Basel, a.k.a Federer’s personal playground. It’s not that much fun when you already know who’s gonna win, but anyhow…

So am just wondering, does anyone really watch that much tennis after the US Open? I admit that some cool stuff happened in the past during the indoor season, like Nalbandian’s crazy back-to-back Masters Series wins recording upsets over Federer, Rafa and Nole, and like that time Federer talked about his d**k in his on-court interview in Basel, but what are the chances stuff like that happen again?!?! Very slim I must say. The one thing am actually looking forward to myself is watching the Davis Cup finals in Spain, hoping that the Czechs will put up a fight but still lose in the end.

So while, us tennis fans, wait around hoping for something interesting to happen before the season ends (besides anticipating Justine Henin's exact comeback date), we could always check out the WTA and witness yet another Ana Ivanovic humbling loss. That's very refreshing am I right?!?!

Notice how as the season moves along, the trophies/trophy ceremonies get creepier and creepier!


Karin Burgess said...

There's still a buzz within the tennis industry. Jump on twitter and watch some blow by blow commentary about what is going on. It is the dearth of MAJOR news outlet coverage from the post U.S. Open tournaments that plays a big part in how little overall attention is paid to what is going on over on the Asian Swing.

It IS strange how many big blow outs there are over there isn't it.

isa said...

justines exact comeback date according to an interview in belgian press today : 5 & 6 december : exhibition in charleroi belgium - dubai - australian open in january 2010

van said...

Hey Reem! How are you? Good, I hope. I hear what you're saying, but I think the results last week were kind of intriguing: Monfils, arguably one of the most talented guys on tour, FINALLY won another event; Date became the second-oldest woman ever to win a tournament; and Peer has gone back to back.

So there may be some lesser knowns grabbing headlines, but underneath it all, there's still some pizzazz to what's happening!