Tuesday, September 15, 2009

US OPEN VIDEO: Federer drops S-Bomb AND F-Bomb on umpire

For those of you who haven't seen the incident and need this scene set up for you, here's what happened:

Juan Martin Del Potro lost a game to Roger Federer when the Argentine's ball was called out, and as the players walked to their seats for the changeover, Del Potro decided to challenge the call instead of immediately asking for the challenge while the players were on court. So Federer decided to pull a "Serena" and went ballistic over the umpire's decision to allow the late challenge.

The dialogue between the world number 1 and the umpire includes:

"Don't tell me to be quiet okay? When I wanna talk I talk..."

"I don't give a sh** what he said..."

"Don't f***ing tell me the rules..."

I was completely shocked when I heard those words from Federer on live TV, in a Grand Slam final. I bet you even Del Potro was completely bewildered, which would explain the 2 double faults from the tall Argentine in the following game that handed Federer the third set.

How is it possible that suddenly Federer and Serena Williams have something in common other than their sponsor and their double-digit Grand Slam titles?!?! This is sooo not cool, Federer!!


abdelsalam said...

does he like fishsticks?

MangaH said...

I thought it was cool actually
Shows hes human and sometimes gets pissed off like the rest of us.
The umpire was a joke so you can excuse him a bit plus he swore at the guy and was even clam and collected then...
Ms. Williams was gonna physically harm a referee on the other hand:)

jadejohn said...

OK, Juan, let's see what you've got...not sure I'm crazy about him, but maybe he can prove me wrong in this Open...Wow, that is just too awful, what’s wrong with this world. She probably and defiantly had a future and it’s all taken away…

Reem said...

@MangaH: Hehe 7aram 3aleik ya Mongy she wasn't gonna hurt the girl, she just threatened to hurt her. Federer's case is not exactly the same as Serena's but in both cases they felt injustice and in both cases they reacted in a disrespectful way. I don't think Fed was collected at all. He was arrogant and rude, and yes, I agree the umpire was ridiculous but still, after all those years of people adoring Federer cuz he's classy and polite and bla bla bla... He goes and does this?!?!

And for some reason, no one is talking about it. Not in the press conferences, not anywhere. It's like they don't wanna piss him off or something.

And the whole "he's only human" factor has already been covered when he broke the racquet in Miami against Djokovic. Khalas ba2a yelimm el dor!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that he actually has a pair of coyones. It was worth staying up all night.

Anonymous said...

Gwen Stefani should have stayed home, or go to NY Fashion Week.