Monday, September 14, 2009

US OPEN VIDEO: Federer hits a tweener to down Djokovic, Del Potro awaits in final

World number 1, Roger Federer, made it to his 6th straight US Open final, but this time he decided to hit a between-the-legs passing shot to set himself up with a triple match point in the semis, before makin' it to the finals.

Federer is not new to playing tricks on court, even at the US Open (remember the point against Tim Henman?), but hitting a shot like that against the 4th best player in the world, at this stage in the US Open, and at that point in a match to get 3 match points, that's just CRUEL man...!!

The reaction on Novak Djokovic's face was just pure bafflement!! Is that even a word?!?! I can't imagine how he felt but what a way for Federer to close on the final?!

Well he certainly has the intimidation factor covered, heading into the final, something he certainly needs given that he's got a giant 20-year-old awaiting in the championship match. A 20-year-old who is hitting the ball as hard and as clean as we've seen in a while, who is thirsty to grab a first victory over Federer, and a first Grand Slam title at his very favorite tennis tournament.

Yes Juan Martin Del Potro can be a threat even to the greatest player in the history of tennis.

The 6'6" world number 6 demolished a struggling Rafael Nadal in the semis on Sunday and is as ready as can be for his first Grand Slam final showdown. The last time he met Federer at a Slam was last June at Roland Garros, where he stretched the Swiss to 5 sets before surrendering. Of course Federer in New York is a way tougher Federer but let's just wait and see how things pan out.

Check here for Federer-Del Potro H2H summary.
The final is scheduled at 4pm NY time, 10pm Cairo time.


Javier said...

Jaja the 6'6" world # 6. I like that. Miss you hermosa y vamos Del Potro, am I right?

abdelsalam said...

666 and beats fed... he's the devil! the devil i tell you.

Reem said...

LOL!! A devil you can't beat :P