Sunday, September 13, 2009

US OPEN VIDEO: Impressive Clijsters reaches final as Serena threatens line judge

The drama continues at the 2009 US Open as the women's semifinal between comeback mommy, Kim Clijsters, and the no-longer-defending-champion, Serena Williams. came to an abrupt and bizarre conclusion, when Williams was handed a penalty point at match point down, to lose the final 6-4, 7-5.

Williams had gotten a warning earlier in the match, when she smashed her racquet as an impressive Clijsters broke her at 5-4 to grab the first set.

The American was up a break early in the second set but Clijsters broke back immediately to level the set. The duo exchanged breaks again until at 5-6, 15-30 down, on second serve, Serena was given a foot-fault to set up a match point for Clijsters. That's when a furious Serena seemed to repeatedly direct some angry comments towards the line judge, who was called to the umpire's chair and reported that Serena had said something along the lines of "I'm going to kill you".

It looked like Serena said something about shoving the ball down the line judge's throat. As you will see in the video, Serena went to the umpire and the tournament referee, Brian Early, came out and she denied saying what was reported as she said "I never said I would kill you, are you serious?".

Serena then immediately went to the other side of the net to shake the hands of a bewildered Clijsters and walked off the court amidst chaotic boos coming from the crowd.

Turns out Serena was awarded a penalty point which ended the match, she didn't just forfeit the match.

Check the video here:

Ok it sucks to get a questionable foot-fault at a time like that in a match, but Serena clearly deserved the penalty point due to her conduct towards the line judge. It's normal for her to get furious, but after all those years of playing on tour, she should know better, and that's that!

As for Clijsters, I certainly feel for her because she couldn't even celebrate her incredible achievement in reaching the finals, eliminating Venus AND Serena along the way, on just her third tournament since her return to tennis. That is just huge, and the way she played last night will obviously be overshadowed by all this drama.

Still, she shouldn't think about that right now, since she actually has a chance of winning her second US Open title, as she faces 9th seed, Caroline Wozniacki, in the final on Sunday.

Speaking of overshadowed, you know what was completely ignored last night?!?! The Wozniacki-Wickmayer semifinal. The two players played in a virtually deserted Louis Armstrong stadium due to the scheduling that forced both semis to be played simultaneously.

Despite everything, I gotta say the US Open has been nothing but entertaining throughout this fortnight, now we should just hope for a great final, with no rain, on Arthur Ashe, and with plenty of spectators.

Whether Wozniacki clinches her maiden Grand Slam title on Sunday, or Clijsters' dream run continues and wins the Open, either way the WTA wins that's for sure.


marooned84 said...

but it was clearly a line violation, right? half her foot was on the line! She was acting weird during the whole match. It was as if she thought she's gonna win with her eyes closed but reality hit her at the 1st point!

Reem said...

Hi marooned84 .. it's been a while since you've stopped by. Good to have you back.

To tell you the truth I think it's really hard to say whether it's a foot-fault or not from this angle. All the replays failed to show the foot-fault from the side, so it's tough to tell, you know kinda like offsides with football... you gotta see it from the side.

I kinda know what you mean about her attitude, and kudos to Clijsters who just kept playing her game and ignored everything.

About going crazy on the lineswoman, Serena totally deserves the penalty point, and Clijsters played extremely well anyway, so it's not like that point literally blew the match for Serena.

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Borsa said...
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aaroncrowe said...

That is terrible, why did she do that? I know it might have been a mistake, but com’on…

Reem said...

Yes aaroncrowe, it is inexplicable. One would think that someone at her level and with her experience could contain herself when something that seems unfair happens on court. But Serena completely lost it.

However, looking at Federer's outburst today against the umpire shows how much pressure these players are under, particularly when they don't have the reins of the match.

Either way, behavior like that is inexcusable.