Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VIDEO: Players say goodbye to Marat Safin

I don't know if it is possible to overuse the word 'charismatic' when describing Marat Safin. I don't think it is.

Today is a very sad day for tennis. An emotional one to say the least. Marat Safin, one of the most adored players to ever hit the tennis courts, was handed his very final defeat by the hands of Juan Martin Del Potro, in the Paris Masters second round on Wednesday.

Like Stepanek said in the video above, and like hundreds of tennis experts have said before him; on a good day, Marat Safin can beat anyone!

Although Safin hasn't broken any records like Federer, hasn't won as many Slams as Sampras or Agassi, nor has he shown the tenacity like that of Nadal's, the Russian is indisputably one of the most gifted tennis players to ever compete in the game, and his wild personality just added to his appeal, making him without a doubt, one of the most memorable characters we have had the privilege to watch.

I don't think we will witness someone like him again on court, but he sure has given us a hell of a lot of memories and moments to remember him by.

Au revoir Marat!!!

Some footage from the farewell ceremony in Bercy:

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Rozza said...

Reem! i was sure ur gonna have an exceptional coverage for this event!! thanks for the videos! they're so sweet! the players..
and he is humorous!!! i loved when he said to del potro "thanks 2 me you get the confidence"! and at the end when he said about the party "most ppl are married" LOL
thank you Reem!

Reem said...

I think Robredo was sooo sweet... he was like it's tough to say goodbye.. so i'll say see you soon. Bossi bey7ebooh ezay?!?! Msh momken!

tennis served fresh said...

He will be missed, thought I have to say that Federer sure can be arrogant. Who's going to be the racquet breaking king during the regular season now? So sad.

Kevin Kuybus said...

Marat Safin was a great player from Russia. He was unbeatable during his peak time of his career