Monday, May 24, 2010

Roland Garros: Is Nadal really going to wear the watch?

Some might call it OCD, some might call it superstition, Rafael Nadal calls it "habit". Either way, it is a well known fact that Rafael Nadal is quite particular when it comes to his match rituals. Be it staying at the same hotel in Paris every year for the French Open, fiddling with his underwear between points, or meticulously setting up his bottles a certain way during matches (apparently the labels have to face the side he is serving from), the world number two certainly has a way of doing things and that never included him wearing a half a million dollar watch while playing tennis.

This year at Roland Garros, Richard Mille have given Nadal a $535,000 watch provided the Spaniard wears it during his matches. Is Nadal willing to replace his left wristband for Richard Mille or will his lifelong habit of never wearing a watch during a match prevail?

“It is something I have spent a lot of time thinking about and don’t yet know what to do... We shall see but it will be a change and that is unusual for me. No?” said the 4-time French Open champion.

So we still aren't sure whether Nadal will be wearing the watch or not but one habit the 23-year old isn't breaking this year is his blog for Times Online. Be sure to check it here.

Nadal opens his French Open campaign on Tuesday against French teenager, Gianni Mina.

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