Thursday, June 24, 2010

WIMBLEDON: Mahut, Isner force the world to ditch the World Cup

Bring them vuvuzelas down to Wimbledon, cuz Isner and Mahut just forced us all to ditch South Africa.

Besides having the most despised coach in the history of football, and suffering the most humiliating World Cup exit by a former champion, France is again all over the news and this time it's because of none other than one Nicolas Mahut and his gladiating efforts on court 18 at the All England Club.

The Frenchman took to the courts at Wimbledon on Tuesday to face 23rd seed John Isner in a routine first round match only to find himself still contesting that match on Wednesday night. Mahut and Isner broke a handful of records by playing for 10 hours, tallying up 193 aces between them, and tying at 59-59 in the fifth set of their match, which was suspended for the second straight day due to darkness.

The fifth set alone has lasted just over 7 hours and will be resumed on Thursday. Isner broke Ivo Karlovic's record of 78 aces in one match by hitting 98 past Mahut on Tuesday and Wednesday.

These numbers are just unheard of in tennis and just like that, the World Cup has taken a backseat to the action at SW19.

It also must be noted that Mahut, who had to qualify for the Championships, had to beat Alex Bogdanovic 3-6, 6-3, 24-22 in the quallies, followed by a 5 set win over Koubek, to make it to the main draw. I am really curious to see how the 28-year-old will stand on his feet come tomorrow morning.

Mahut was serving from behind throughout the entire fifth set, i.e. the entire Wednesday, all the way until 59-59.

“I just wanted to win the game I was playing, that was it,”
said Mahut after play was suspended for darkness on Wednesday.

How much more simply put can it be?

“Nothing like this will ever happen again, ever,” said an exhausted Isner.

Well it's not over yet! Are there anymore records that haven't been broken?!

The one thing I can't stop thinking about is, how will the loser feel after such a match? Will the fact that he took part in such a history-making showdown, with such great magnitude, manage to cushion the blow somehow?

All I know is that it takes nerves of steel to be able to serve from behind 59 times and still stay in the match. Andy Roddick did it last year in the final for 14 times and I thought that was heroic.

It's a matter of the bare minimum recovery now. Both players have until 15:30 tomorrow to get their bodies working again, cuz am sure as hell the whole world will be waiting for the conclusion of this match.


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