Tuesday, September 14, 2010

US OPEN: Novak Djokovic = Class Act

“Maybe emotionally I was a little bit drained after the semifinal match, but I recovered. I had two days, and I was motivated to win this match, and this is one of the matches where the opponent plays better than you, and you just have to congratulate him and tell him, ‘You're better.’ That's it. I don't think I played a bad match overall. It was very good performance from my side. But whenever it was important, he was the one who was playing just too good.”

-- World number 2 and US Open finalist, Novak Djokovic, after losing the US Open final to Rafael Nadal

People often called him a whiner, speculated his resilience and questioned his attitude, but Novak Djokovic silenced the skeptics on Monday night as he did everything he could to try and beat a superhuman Rafael Nadal in the 2010 US Open final. The Serb failed to win the trophy, but won the respect of 1000s of tennis fans instead, and the quote above just shows how much he has grown, and how we should expect much more from him in the future.

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