Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Australian Open 2011 - Day 1 Quotes - Henin & Monfils

Gael Monfils pulled off a major turnaround as he escaped from the brink of defeat against young Dutchman, Thiemo de Bakker, who was serving for the match at 5-3 in the third, before the 12th seeded Frenchman decided he wasn't ready to leave Melbourne yet.

Here's an explanation of how Monfils came back in that match, in his own words:

"I know Thiemo a bit. I know sometime he snap in the head. So this is like a strong belief. We know like he can snap. It's a weakness for him. So you play with that. You know, before the match, my coach, Rog, told me, Sometimes Thiemo is not a big believer. When I saw that, you get it (snapping fingers). So you tank, be ready in the fifth, because I will. Maybe this is play for me today."

Monsieur LeMonf, FILTER, my friend. It's not very nice saying your opponent chokes under pressure, or has no self belief, especially that he said in his press conference he got injured and could barely hit the ball for the last 2 sets. It was a great comeback but be careful what you say...

Justine Henin played her first competitive match in almost 6 months and had to fight back from a set down to beat Sania Mirza and make it to the second round.

Here's a question the Belgian received during her post-match press conference on Monday:

Q. Do you sympathize at all with Wozniacki and maybe Safina coming to the No. 1 ranking without a Grand Slam and all the questions that they face?

JUSTINE HENIN: It's not that easy. Of course we wish that to be No. 1 you have to win Grand Slams. I think ‑ as I was thinking about that in the last few days ‑ if I have to remember something, it wasn't really that I was the best player in the world, but it's all the Grand Slams I won. That's what gives really the emotions.

So of course they have been very consistent, not injured, so they could play. Wozniacki is still very young. Safina has been in trouble. Jankovic I think played a lot and also has been tired from that at a certain time of her career.

But I wish them to win Grand Slams because they will feel the difference. When I became No. 1, I was so happy because it was in 2003. I did win the French, US Open that year, and I think it was big accomplishment, the dream of a little girl to be the best in the world.

But the feelings you get at the second you win a Grand Slam, yeah, winning a Grand Slam, it's seven matches, two weeks, it's the hardest, I think. Serena proved that many times as she, you know, didn't play a lot, but in the big moments she was there. And I think it's the most important.

Justine, you could have just said no, I don't sympathize with them, instead of raining on their parade and making them feel worse about what they're missing... hehe

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