Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Australian Open: Venus Williams - How To Scare Fans And Alienate People

First of all, I refuse to discuss Venus Williams' tennis as long as she insists on scaring the hell out of me by dressing under the influence.

She certainly upped her game in Melbourne for her on-going quest for the world's ugliest dress.

Here's a small slideshow of the American's outfits. A slideshow I'd like to call: Venus Williams - How to Scare Fans and Alienate People

And here are a couple of reactions on Twitter to Venus' latest diarrhea-inducing outfit:

I thought Venus' outfit last night was just a bad dream.... Then I watched @SportsCenter this morning and realized THAT really happened.

@AmerDelic Vee's dress was so bad I am sure it is what caused her groin injury... it sure kicked me in the nuts.

Hit me up in the comments section on which one of the dresses above was Venus' most outrageous fashion faux pas! (who am I kidding, nothing trumps the current Australian Open disaster?!)


Sue said...

I hated the lace sooooooooo much last year that i will have 2 say it is a tie between this oz open one and the lace one


Nehal said...

I didn't c the Australian Open disaster but I saw the previous ones which were obviously ughhhh! I just don't understand how commentators keep praising her sense of uniqueness and style and saying that if they had a body like hers they would wear anything..that's total BS..I am very scared and alienated!

Reem said...

El shee2 el asfar elli fo2 dah howa beta3 el Aussie Open.. karsa ya nehal!! seriously a disaster of monumental proportions hehe