Monday, January 24, 2011

A Message From A Grateful Tennis Fan: Thank You For Tweeting

I feel like tennis is spoiling us nowadays. We tennis fans are definitely enjoying some legendary times. These are the days of the Rafa Slam and the Petko Dance. The Fedophiles and the Rafanatics. The Berdy Army and the Samurai.

We enjoy – let alone understand – words like FlaviGise and Quisner. We refer to our fellow tennis fans as Twitteratis, Facebookers and YouTubers.

We live for our TwitPics and our @-Replies. We refer to our favorite Grand Slams in the form of hash-tags and we’re loving it. In fact, I’ve always wanted The Australian Open to be an actual person I could admire and compliment – now I can, and I must say I’m eternally indebted to my favorite tweeter, @AustralianOpen. She responds when I have a question, she retweets when I say something smart, she gives us an endless supply of shirtless Nando pics and above all, she ultimately knows her tennis. Afterall she IS from Melbourne.

We get videos of Federer giggling with Rafa. Videos of Federer giggling with Pedro Pinto. Videos of Federer terrorizing a stranger with a William Tell trickshot.

We get photos of Rafa half naked in Armani underwear. We have competitions from Nike to design Rafa’s shoes. Two-week blogs from Rafa 4 times a year.

We watch YouTube footage of Djokovic dancing on-court with Kym Johnson, wearing nipple tassles for Head, or playing footy-tennis against Rafa.

We get to improve our Spanish skills figuring out tweets between the Spanish Armada, be it Charly Moya, FerVer or F-Lo.

We catch John Isner tweet-flirting with Wozniacki. Monfils cheering on Wawrinka, one day after losing to the Swiss. Murray showing a sense of humor no one would have believed he ever had.

This tennis-loving generation has had so many liberties and I just wanted to acknowledge that. There’s a tennis revolution going on and we are part of it.

The social media frenzy has allowed us to find character in each and every player, tournament director, commentator, journalist, and above all the average tennis fan. It has connected a global community no tennis venue could ever contain. It added so much depth to a game we already adored but has now helped us explain to our non-tennis-fan friends why there is an element of fascination to this single-player, character-driven, mental game.

There is no doubt that our 21st century ways have helped expand our beloved sport.

We really are a lucky bunch of tennis-obsessed freaks and I gotta say I am proud and thankful for being one.


Dolz said...

Love what you wrote!! and I totally agree we're enjoying tennis on so many different levels, except for being terrorized by Venus' hideous outfits :))

Reem said...

Hehehe My sis is officially a tennis convert!! living proof that times are a changing!!

Steph said...

Couldn't agree more. I met some fellow tweeps in Melbourne and none of us can imagine attending a slam now without Twitter. That's how we're learning when/where players are practicing, etc. So fab!

Reem said...

Yes, Steph, it's insane how it's changed our tennis experience.

Am jealous though, would've loved to have a tweet-up in Melbourne with you guys!!

Kim at TennisFixation said...

Great post - you are so right - I've become a great fan of Tipsaravic and Petkovic just based on their tweets!

Iqra said...

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