Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TWIT WITS: Tursunov Tales vs Judy Murray

While Novak Djokovic - possibly inspired by Petkorazzi - has finally decided to take the social media world by storm, Dmitry Tursunov is the one we really ought to thank for all this. I'd say the Russian is the one who started it all back in 2006 when his blog for the ATP exposed us die-hard tennis fans to something we thought didn't really exist... The fact that our tennis players have personality, wit and a vicious sense of humor. Well at least some of them do.

While we've always had the chance to see players take part in off-court PR activities and ads for their sponsors, nothing is as uncensored and insightful as the social media trifecta: personal blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

So in honor of the hilarious, very often controversial and occasionally over the top, Dmitry Tursunov, I am featuring him in G,S,M's first edition of Twit Wits

This conversation happened between Tursunov and Judy Murray on Wednesday:

Our second player featured today in Twitter Wits is Andy Murray, who is quite frequently described by some fans as boring, I personally find him very funny and I came to that conclusion from Twitter of course. The Scot is one of, if not the first tennis players to join the social media site, exactly 3 years ago! This was Murray's idea of welcoming Djokovic to Twitter on Wednesday.

And my personal favorite tweet of the week did not come from tennis, but came from Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand, after he saw Leo Messi's slick moves that saw him score his 1st goal against Arsenal, Tuesday night.

I'll be posting more funny stuff said on Twitter here on Twit Wits. Let me know your favorite tweet of the week.


Ana said...

Djokovic told Petkovic : I thought u liked me shirtless

haha those 2 r the best

Suzie said...

Janko with the 419km/hr serve photo is funnyyyyyy