Sunday, April 17, 2011

Melzer learns the hard way what NOT to say before a match

World number 9 and last year's French Open semifinalist, Jurgen Melzer, came off his shocking victory over Roger Federer in the Monte Carlo semis with a great sense of confidence... I mean of course he was confident. Who wouldn't be after doing something like that?

But I guess using the words "I killed him" about a previous match with your next opponent can push a few buttons. The Austrian said this in his post-Federer-rout-presser about his semifinal opponent David Ferrer:

"In Paris last year I killed him on clay and hopefully that result is still in the back of his mind."

"After beating Roger Federer there is nothing I can't do."

Except maybe beat Ferrer again!!

The unlucky 29-year-old went on to lose to Ferrer 6/3, 6/2 in the semis on Saturday despite a brief early lead he held over the Valenciano. Brief being the operative word because After Ferrer broke back in the opening set, it was smooth sailing from then on, and just like that, the Melzer bout of confidence and outspoken pressers came to an abrupt end.

While Melzer's quote may be one relished by media professionals worldwide, I'm pretty sure he'll think twice before saying something like that before a match again. He'll at least consider the jinx factor...

Ferrer will face Rafa in the final on Sunday (2:15pm Monte Carlo/Cairo time).

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