Thursday, April 14, 2011

TWIT WITS: Karlovic still picking on Serena

I'm not sure what Ivo Karlovic (a.k.a #1 Tennis Tweeter) has against Serena Williams but whatever it is, the hilarious Croat is not subtle about it. After Karlovic tweeted this a few weeks ago responding to Serena's "I'm hungry" tweet:

He tweeted this Thursday night...

Meanwhile Judy Murray continues to crack me up on Twitter with her random thoughts and her often dark sense of humor. She tweeted this on Tuesday after Rafa Nadal's match in Monte Carlo...

Speaking of hair, another candidate for Tweeter of the Year in my not so humble opinion, Rio Ferdinand, felt like sharing some very important news with us:

This just in. Another player seems to have joined the Wozzy cyber-bandwagon. Check this out and explain it to me :)

Football besties, Gerard Pique and Cesc Fabregas, have been at it as usual, mocking each other on Twitter. Ten days ago, Pique made fun of Cesc after news broke out that he had a minor driving accident...

"By the way, I see that after 30 years in the UK, Cesc still doesn't know how to drive on the left!"

Luckily Cesc found a story in the tabloids about Pique getting his car towed for illegal parking and hit back at Shakira's beau:

"I see that after living in Barcelona for 24 years you still don't know how to park a car. What a mess!"

And for the Manchester United fans (am not one of them but am no hater), here are a couple of celebratory tweets from Ferdy and Owen after their Champions League win on Wednesday:


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is a term for what Wozniacki is doing on Twitter and it's not a pleasant one lol who knew that Haase was a cheeky boy?????

Stu said...

Ferdy is dope
Legend quality class