Wednesday, April 6, 2011

VIDEO: Coach Marian Vajda talks Djokovic

-- Novak Djokovic's coach, Marian Vajda, sheds some light on the reasons behind the Serb's recent mind-blowing domination

*Video courtesy of the ATP

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IRS2007 said...

This seems like a good idea, to have the one coach. Djokovic is only going to listen to anyone, but so much, the rest will come to him through repeated efforts. Coaches can only do so much, the player has to put in the hard work. This looks like a very promising season for Djokovic in more ways than one. His attitude on and off court is amazing. For instance, in Madrid when Nadel make a great shot, Djokovic smiled, that was great to see. The Cameras stayed in Djokovic face hoping to get a negative expression, but it didnt happen. You rock, Djokovic. from California