Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rafael Nadal & Cristiano Ronaldo... Guess the conversation!

Photo via Rafael Nadal's Official Facebook

A day after Real Madrid were eliminated from the UEFA Champions League by their rivals Barcelona, football phenomenon Cristiano Ronaldo chose to lick his wounds by attending some tennis matches at the Caja Magica and naturally he hung out with die-hard Madridista, Rafael Nadal.

I bet anything there's some serious UEFA/Barcelona bashing going on in that conversation. What do you guys think? Picture the dialogue and hit me up in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

Cristiano: I'm gonna give that Busquets a real reason to fall down that @#$*(*#(*

Rafa: Leave David Villa to me

Madridista4ever said...

CR7: thinking of getting a new haircut. que te parece?
Rafa: i think its time u went blond my friend

aerodelight said...

C.R. : you make me want to play tennis, Rafa.
R.N. : duude Ronaldo, people can make blogs about your hot ex's.
C.R. : I know, no one in Barca has a chick-c.v. like that right!
R.N.: hahah
C.R. : hahha
R.N. : maybe it's because they're too busy kicking you guys' asses !

Reem said...

@aerodelight: I wish there was a "like" button :)