Saturday, July 2, 2011

WIMBLEDON: Quote of the Day from Rafael Nadal

Q. When you walked out of the court you said you were sorry for Andy. How do you manage to be so competitive when you're on the court, and as soon as you are off the court you think with your heart about your competitors?

"I felt that during the court, too. I'm not a robot when I'm playing. I think. Andy probably deserved to be Grand Slam winner. He's the best player without a title of Grand Slam that I ever see. So he deserve to be a champion of Grand Slam. Always he was there: final in Australia, semifinals Roland Garros, semifinals here another time. That's tough. I understand, no? Is not easy for him be there all the time and finally he lost another time. But he's doing well. He's in the right way to win a Grand Slam. I always say the same. But that's what I feel, you know. I feel the reason is he needs little bit more lucky for moments and he will win. I still don't have any doubt on that"-- Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon semi-finals post-match press conference

The ultimate gracious champion... nothing else to say!


peRfect Tennis said...

Sporting. Can't help feel he's losing his mind if he thinks Murray can win a slam though!

Reem said...

I think that's too harsh :)
There is no way Murray will retire without winning a Slam!